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The 3 Televangelists - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a secret room in a secret location, a Devil-Worshiping cult gathered together for a meeting.
   The leader of the Devil-Worshiping cult was deeply troubled about the success and impact 3 key Televangelists were having on America. They were winning souls in ever increasing measures for the Kingdom of God and that was bad news for the kingdom of the Devil.
  The leader of the Devil-Worshiping cult hand-picked Senator Riley and gave him the responsibility of taking down the three televangelists.
   Senator Riley used his power in the Senate and tried to push a bill and influence other senators in America to investigate the 3 Televangelists. He said that he was sure they were nothing but frauds who are exploiting the American people.
   Senator Riley paid a few people who still worked or at one time worked for each one of the 3 Televangelists to come forward and testify that the Televangelists are frauds and are involved in a lot of shady activities.
   The testimonies of these people went spiral on TV networks, Radio networks and on major news websites thanks to the deep pockets of Senator Riley and the Devil-Worshiping cult.
   Senator Riley then got Gay groups to rise against Christians and the 3 Televangelists. In a TV interview he said that the 3 Televangelists are witching hunting Gay people and preach that all Gay people should be killed if they don’t change.
   Senator Riley grew inpatient because in spite of all these things the 3 Televangelist kept preaching the gospel so Senator Riley decided to take things to a whole new level. As far as he was concerned, whether anyone liked it or not the 3 Televangelists would be going down.
   The 1st Televangelist was walking back home alone one night when he noticed a lady in trouble; she was been threatened in a dark corner but a street thug.
   The 1st Televangelist was about to rush to her rescue and just then he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit telling him not to help the lady that he should continue on his way but the 1st Televangelist taught it over and it just didn’t make sense to him that God would tell him not to help somebody so he went ahead to help the lady who appeared to be in trouble but as he got close enough the lady tore off her clothes, held him and started screaming that the Televangelist wanted to rape her. Suddenly, many men and women with cameras came out from no where and started taking pictures.
    By the next day it was in the morning paper and the 1st Televangelist’s credibility was ruined. His ministry was ruined. All his members left his church. No one cared to listen to him explain that he was framed.
   The Senate now took Senator Riley more seriously in his fight against the Televangelists and now really supported him.
   This was a great victory for Senator Riley and the Devil-Worshiping cult. One down, two to go.
   The 2nd Televangelist was called to minister to a very rich man in his home but the Holy Spirit told him not to go. The 2nd Televangelist knew very well the voice of the Holy Ghost and he knew it was best he obeyed but he figured that perhaps the Holy Ghost didn’t want he to go because he might probably face one minor obstacle that the Holy Ghost didn’t want him to face but really, What’s the big deal? He’s disobeyed the Holy Ghost lots of times before and majority of the time the consequences where little not major.
So the 2nd Televangelist went and when he got there nobody was around. He called out for the owner and on entering the living room he saw him lying on the sofa motionless – covered in his own blood. The 2nd Televangelist ran to him to help – to see if he was still breathing and in so doing got blood all over his hands. Then he noticed a strange looking object beside the dead man. The 2nd Televangelist picked it up – Lo and behold it was the murder weapon and he was holding it. That was when people bust in; some with cell phone that had cameras, and that how the 2nd Televangelist got framed for murder. Unlike the 1st Televangelist the 2nd Televangelist was sent to jail – Live imprisonment - for a crime he did not commit.
   Senator Riley was really happy now. He and his Devil-Worshiping cult buddies danced and celebrated at their next meeting. Two down, one to go.
   It was now the 3rd Televangelist’s turn. The 3rd Televangelist however was a man of the Spirit and he listened and followed the voice of the Spirit uncompromisingly.
   No matter the trap Senator Riley set for the 3rd Televangelist, the 3rd Televangelist just wasn’t taking the bait. He somehow managed to maneuver everything. Senator Riley got confused and just didn’t know what to make of it.
   The head of the Devil-Worshiping cult soon started asking Senator Riley why it was taking too long to bring down the 3rd Televangelist.
   Senator Riley told the head of the Devil-Worshiping cult that he keeps trying everything he possibly can but the 3rd Televangelist keeps eluding him.
   The head of the Devil-Worshiping cult told Senator Riley that he had better bring down the 3rd Televangelist before their next meeting otherwise he should consider himself dead.
   The Senator had to move fast. He devised a plan to kidnap the 3rd Televangelist and pump him with an overdose of illegal drugs so that it would look like the 3rd Televangelist died while doing drugs.
   But God woke up the 3rd Televangelist to pray hours before Senator Riley’s plan was to be put in motion.
   The men that Senator Riley sent where caught by a team of independent reporters that had been secretly stalking the 3rd Televangelist from the shadows hoping to catch him doing something shady, but instead they ended up unraveling a deep conspiracy against him and the other Televangelists.
   Senator Riley was incriminated, the Devil-Worshiping cult was exposed and the truth finally came out.
   The 1st Televangelist had his ministry restored to him.
   The 2nd Televangelist was released from jail and he had his ministry restored to him.
   And all praise and glory be to God for the faithful 3rd Televangelist who God used to save the day, thanks to his consistent obedience to the Holy Ghost.


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