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The Camp Fire Story - a bedtime story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time, somewhere in North America, there was a boot camp which was manned by a woman everyone conveniently nick named Miss. Smiley Face.
   She was tall, slim, blonde, smart, strong and beautiful but the one thing that always stood out to everyone that met her was her smile. It never seemed to leave her face even for a second. It was always there. No! it wasn’t one of those smiles that one wore as a face mask, but it was one of those smiles you could see was an unaltered expression of what was inside; deep within the soul.
   Every summer, Parents would send their kids to her boot camp. Many of whom where trouble makers who delighted in driving their parents crazy. Manning a camp with a collection of kids who have excelled in bad behaviour from all over the United States, Canada, Australia and the U.K wasn’t something people would like to do even for a million bucks, considering the fact that the kids might make them run mad before they get the chance to touch the million bucks much less to work for free like Miss. Smiley Face did.
   Miss. Smiley Face’s Dad was the fourth richest man in the world and his ultimate weapon to ensure his daughter’s security was to keep the existence of his daughter away from the press. He would rather pay off the press than to plunge his daughter into a world of ‘A – list Celebrity’ fame – a world she wanted nothing to do with.
   Miss. Smiley Face didn’t seem to bother about what she had in stock this summer. Elijah Freeman, nationally known as Eli the terrible, would be at her camp this summer. He was a 12 year old whose pranks where immortalized in forums around the internet. Videos of his work had received over 1.5 million page views. There was even talk that a popular video game publisher which focuses on making controversial games that uphold the dark side of human nature would soon be getting him to sign a lifetime contract because they want to start an annual video game series based on him. I mean to their evil loving minds he was the best thing that happened since ‘Chucky’ from the movie ‘Child’s Play.’
   When Eli the terrible finally arrived at Miss. Smiley Face’s Boot Camp, Miss. Smiley Face welcomed him warmly. That day however, marked the beginning of a string of never seen before and never pulled before pranks in the boot camp.
   Normally, everyone that was 13 years old and below in the boot camp were pranksters. However Eli the terrible’s pranks not only outshined the others making him look like the only prankster in the camp, but it made the others hate pranks so much that they got disgusted by pranks. In the past, they had enjoyed pulling pranks on others but having pranks pulled on them on a massive, diabolical, never ending scale by Eli the terrible made them begin to hate pranks with all their soul.
   It seemed as though their desire and passion to pull pranks on others had evolved into a hatred for Eli the terrible and all that he stood for.
   No matter how many pranks the kids pulled to get back at Eli the terrible, it always back fired. Eli the terrible just couldn’t be pranked. No one could prank the King of pranks.
   They soon gave up trying to prank Eli the terrible and with time they changed and they found out that they didn’t hate Eli the terrible. They hated what he stands for – they hated the mischief that the boy did and not the boy that did the mischief. The programs at the camp were changing their way of thinking.
   Though Eli was used to being hated, he was shocked that the other campers didn’t hate him. The knowledge of this fact really struck a chord with him.
   About a week later, Miss. Smiley Face took all the kids on a camping trip in the woods. When night fell she and her assistants taught the kids how to set up tents, fetch the right kind of wood for firewood, and also a few other camping basics. She then got them all to sit together in a circle around the camp fire.
   She started by leading them in her favourite camp song: “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so ...”
   It may not be what many would call a camp song, but it was Miss. Smiley Face’s favourite camp song.
   After singing a few other Christian songs (which though would be surprising to others that a bunch of kids with no Christian background or sometimes not even a single Christian in their ancestry, were quite taken by a song about Jesus was no surprise to Miss. Smiley Face at all) she asked them to tell the scariest stories they’ve ever heard. It could be a made up story or a true life story.
   A kid then told an incredible story about an alien invasion.  
   Another kid told a story about when armed robbers came to their house one night.
   One kid talked about a scary dream he once had, it was so scary that you could almost visibility see that the blood of some of the kids run cold even though they were sitting around a beautiful camp fire.
   Miss. Smiley Face then proceeded to tell them a story of her own - a true life story.
   It was a story of love and of sacrifice. A story about dying for the one you love even though they had betrayed you time and time again. It was a story of someone who loved the one who spat on him, scourged him, insulted him, and condemned him; yet still refused to stop loving them. It was the story of the greatest Royal ever who degraded himself for a common person because of love and ended up dying for that person. It was a story of someone who choose to die in place of someone he loved. It was the story of Jesus Christ.
   Jesus was the one who gave his all for the one he loved. We are the ones that he loved so much. This is a true life story. This is our true life story. This is the true life story of every man, woman, boy and girl on this planet. Jesus loves everybody and Jesus died for everybody.
   After the story, tears were in the eyes of all the campers. Miss. Smiley Face led them all in a prayer of salvation, then later lay hands on them and they all received the Holy Spirit and became spirit filled tongue talking believers.
   They were totally reformed. Eli the terrible was now a saint. He stopped pulling pranks on people, started helping people, reading books, talking to people about Jesus and even refused to sign the contact with the video game company. He also stopped people from called him Eli the terrible. He now loathed what the nickname implied he stood for. People had to readjust to calling him his real name – Elijah Freeman. He was now a new man who was free in Christ.
   Thanks to Miss. Smiley Face’s CAMP FIRE STORY a bunch of kids who many have written off as delinquents would have a bright, successful and glorious future – a happily ever after with Jesus. Thanks be to God.

                                                              THE END.

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