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The Chicken Pox - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a land far back away in time but with people’s character’s and motives pretty much the same as it is now, there lived a little boy named Sam.
   Sam’s best friend was his own brother, Tom. They did everything together and cared a great deal about each other. Their parents where devout Christians and therefore raised Sam and Tom that way.
   The only difference between the two brothers was that Tom loved to read and to listen to lectures while Sam had to be forced to read or listen to lectures. Hence, Tom had a true personal love for knowledge and understanding of its importance whereas Sam was unenthusiastic about knowledge but was just around the right people – Success minded people.
   One day a travelling team of doctors came to their village to host an open air seminar to teach people about first aid, diseases & their symptoms, how to maintain good health and a lot of other important health related stuff.
   Sam and Tom’s parents told them to attend the seminar which was to take place from 10.00am to 2.00pm every day for an entire week.
   Although both brothers obeyed their parents and attended the seminar, only Tom paid attention during the seminar. Sam heard some things and if you probably ask him a few questions about what was said at the seminar he would probably answer you correctly but since he wasn’t that interested in it he missed out on a lot. Even though he was physically present at the seminar and sat down calmly beside his brother his mind wasn’t there for most of the time.
    Weeks after the seminar was over and the doctors had left to another village, Tom caught the Chicken Pox.
   When Sam heard from his parents that it was Chicken Pox that Tom had, Sam figured Tom got it from the chickens in his village. See, Sam wasn’t paying attention at the seminar so didn’t know anything about what Chicken Pox really is.
   Soon it became kind of like an epidemic and kids around the village where contacting the Chicken Pox one by one.
   Sam got scared.
   Sam started thinking of devising a plan to get rid of all the chickens in the village so he wouldn’t have chicken pox.
   Tom noticed Sam didn’t mind coming near him even though he had the chicken pox so he told Sam not to come near him that he’s got the chicken pox. Sam didn’t understand, he just taught Tom was just saying he shouldn’t come near him because he was sick he didn’t know that Tom was actually saying don’t come near me because if you do you would have the chicken pox too.
   When Sam said he didn’t mind coming near Tom, Tom taught that Sam knew that he was risking contacting the chicken pox but probably preferred to contact the chicken pox when he is a still very young so the marks that he had it would be completely gone when he’s an adult rather than risking contacting it as an adult or a youth and the marks that he had it remain for the rest of his life.
   Sam decided to get rid of all the chickens on the particular street of the village that he lived. He set out at one evening and put a sleeping portion in all the food and water trays for chickens in all the poultries on his street. Then late at night he sneaked out of his room and went about picking all the sleeping chickens with glove covered hands so he would not contact anything and putting them in a very large bag. He took the bag outside the village and threw it where no one could find it.
    The next day the people of the village where enraged. Everyone on Sam’s street was complaining that their chickens had disappeared.
   Sam acted like he was just as confused as everyone else but in his mind he was wondering why these people were sad about the fact that their chickens where gone forever. As far as Sam was concerned he had done them a favor. They are all so selfish Sam taught to himself, ‘they probably only miss their chickens because of the money only, they don’t care that their chickens have been causing chicken pox.’
   A clever man in the village secretly devised a plan to catch whoever was responsible for the disappearance of the chickens just in case the person would try it again.
   Sam didn’t know about the plan and many people actually didn’t.
   Sam was glad that he’d gotten rid of all the chickens on his street so clearly there was no way for him to get the chicken pox. His joy soon faded away when a few more kids in his street just newly contacted the chicken pox. Sam figured that it was because of the other chickens in the other streets in the village so Sam decided that to get rid of chicken pox entirely he must get rid of every entire chicken in his village.
   Sam devised an elaborate plan and he got rid of every single chicken in his village. Unfortunately for him, the plan of the clever man worked and Sam got caught. Thus, the whole village now knew it was Sam that was responsible for getting rid of every single chicken in his village.
   The people were mad and Sam’s parents were asked to buy chickens for the entire village to replace the ones their son had gotten rid of.
   Sam’s parents were mad and Sam got grounded for life. He also ruined any chance of ever getting an allowance from his parents for as long as he lived.
   Sam later still got the Chicken pox (from his brother, Tom).
   Oh! If only Sam had listened attentively at that seminar his life wouldn’t have turned out this way.


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