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The Couple That Adopted The Devil - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called America, there lived a lovely couple. This lovely couple didn’t believe in God and believed those who did were irrational.
   The Couple couldn’t have children of their own so they decided to adopt one.
   They ended up adopting the most adorable looking 9 year old they had ever seen. He had beautiful short blonde hair, big baby-blue eyes and the most angelic smile that have ever rested on the face of a child.
   It wasn’t long before their precious little boy started showing signs of questionable sainthood. He seemed to derive pleasure in mischief. Soon the couple where having sleepless nights and sleepy days.
   Weird things then began to happen and I’m talking really weird like: the couple going to sleep at night in their beds and waking up the next day outside the house on the front lawn, all the mirrors in the house mysteriously missing, finding weird sea food in their refrigerator, and the most troubling of all dreaming the same dream everyday – dreaming about the day they adopted the boy.
   The Couple worked in the same company and they soon told some close co-workers over lunch break about what they were going through.
“The child may be possessed by demons I suggest you take him to church.”, a co-worker said.
“Nonsense, there is no such thing as demons and there is no such thing as angels and there is no such thing as a God. The world came into being from a big bang. In know that bangs and explosions tend to destroy things, but the big bang was an explosion that actually gave life.”, came the response.
   The couple resorted to visiting all kinds of psychologists but only succeeded in spending a lot of money and getting nowhere.
   It was not until the couple woke up one Tuesday in the middle of the night to find their little angel standing over them with a knife in his hand that they knew they had to try God. Thank God they woke up when they did or else they would have been killed in their sleep.
   However, they weren’t out of the woods yet, they spent most of that night running away from their adopted son who was chasing them around the house with a knife in his hand. Hours later the child mysteriously stopped, fainted and lay still on the ground.
   Without a second to lose they carried the boy straight to the church and waited for day to break and the Pastor to show up. Even though it wasn’t a Sunday they knew that the Pastor always came to church every other day to pray.
   As soon as the Pastor came, he didn’t say a word he just reached for the sleeping child and lay his right hand on him.Immediately, the child woke up and started acting all creepy and weird: rolling on the floor, screaming insanely and making all kinds of animal sounds.
   Minutes later everything stopped and the Pastor told the couple that everything was Ok! now – that all the demons had left the boy.
   From that day onwards the couple believed in God. They became disciples of Jesus and started going to Church. They had seen that there is a world outside the physical AND IT ALSO GOES TO PROVE THAT YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE IN MIRACLES BUT THE DAY YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON ONE YOU WOULD BELIEVE IN THEM.


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