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The Day I Felt Like The Biggest Loser In The World - a short story by A.B.King

  In a beautiful house in Chicago, Jack was sat worried as he had just had a flash back from the past. His wife noticed his countenance and asked him to tell her what was wrong.
   “Oh! Don’t worry about it”, Jack said as he quickly changed his sad face.
   Jack’s wife persisted to know what was wrong and while she was still persisting, their kids came into the sitting room and met Mum begging Dad to tell her what was bothering him, so the kids joined Mum therefore Dad just had to tell them what he was thinking about.
   Jack made sure his wife and kids were comfortable before he began to tell them the story.
   He began telling them of when he was a kid in Guatemala, he gave his life to Christ at a tent meeting crusade of a travelling evangelist. Hundreds of people gave their life to Christ that night, and that night at that altar saying the salvation prayer was the single most wonderful experience he had ever had. He was so happy and full of joy, and to top it off he also received the Holy Spirit on that same day.
   From that day on he studied the word of God voraciously and he grew in the faith each day. His heart started to burn with a passion to win souls so much so that he started telling everyone around him who would listen to him about Jesus.
   One day, while praying, Jack heard the lord telling him to hold a crusade.
   “What?” he was just a little 14 year old kid; how could he host a crusade?
   Jack prayed about it and fasted about it but it only got clearer that that’s what the lord wanted him to do.
   Jack then started to prepare to host the crusade. His friends and everyone else laughed at him and said that he’s a nobody – he’s just a 14 year old – that nobody would come and hear him preach.
   Jack parents tried to convince him to forget about hosting the crusade but he wouldn’t budge, he had received and instruction from God and he was going to obey.
   Jack prayed and fasted for a high turnout and he prepared an extremely powerful sermon.
   On the day of the crusade, Jack goes to the venue (which was just a very large field nobody was using at the time) with high hopes only to meet with the disappointment that only one person showed up.
   Depression started welling up in Jack because of the extremely poor turnout but the Holy Spirit encouraged Jack and prompted him to preach as though the crusade ground was filledwith thousands of people. So therefore; Jack preached his hottest sermon yet.
   At the end of the crusade, the only person that came answered the altar call.
   Jack told his wife and kids as he narrated the story that he still remembers the convert’s name to this day. His name was: Philip Andrew King.
   Jack’s wife and kids consoled him after he finished the story. Anyway it was a very long time ago so it didn’t really hurt anymore. But as he told his wife and kids; on that day he felt like the biggest loser in the world.
   Months later, Jack boarded a plane with his wife and kids to go to Guatemala for the holidays. When they landed in Guatemala and they walked through the airport, Jack looked at the news stand and saw the headline:  MIRACLE HEALING EVANGELIST PHILIP ANDREW KING WINS OVER 50 THOUSAND PEOPLE TO CHRIST YET AGAIN.


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