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The Glass Doll - a short story by A.B.King

  Once upon a time in a place called Houston there lived two sisters. One’s name was Sarah and the other one’s name was Lucy. They were both God fearing nicely behaved little Christian girls.
   One day the girls’ mother bought Lucy a cat and bought Sarah a state of the art glass doll.
   Lucy had always wanted a cat and Sarah had always wanted the state of the art glass doll, so both of them where very very happy with their gifts. They both thanked their mother wildly and off they went to play: Lucy went outside with her cat and Sarah went upstairs with her glass doll.
   3 days later Sarah walked into her and her sister’s room to play with her glass doll only to find it shattered on the floor. Only the cat was in the room, nobody else had entered since she left the room, it had to be the cat.
    Sarah was furious. That glass doll was state of the art, she loved it dearly and there was no way her Mum would buy her a new one.  
   Sarah picked a big broom stick and started to go after the cat but while chasing the cat, Lucy blocked her and asked what was wrong. Sarah told her what happened with her glass doll, she was still intent on getting her hands on the cat. Lucy didn’t know what Sarah was going to do to the cat when she got her hands on it but from the looks of things it didn’t look like it would be pretty. Lucy had to protect her cat but all she succeeded to do was to shift her sister’s rage towards herself.
   Hours later a lot of cross words had been tossed to and fro among the two sisters. Now they were both tired and weren’t speaking to each other. Lucy still had her cat though and anytime Sarah saw Lucy play with her cat it angered Sarah much much more.
   Weeks past and Sarah was still angry even though Mum had told her to forgive and forget, and had also forced them to start to speak to each other again. Even though Sarah still spoke with Lucy she was still mad at Lucy’s cat and mad at Lucy for protecting the cat. Sarah still wanted revenge.
   Sarah carefully laid out a plan that was to be carried out when neither her Mum nor her sister was at home - A plan with resulted in the cat running away and never coming back.
   Sarah played dumb when Lucy came back and asked about her cat. Sarah suspected foul play but she had no proof; all she had was the resentment she had for her sister.
   Two days later Sarah found her glass doll under her bed. It turns out that when the cat did whatever it did the glass doll rolled under her bed and something else that was about the same size of the glass doll was what had fallen and broken.
   Sarah felt guilty and she confessed to Lucy that she was responsible for the cat running away.
   The very next day Sarah heard a loud crash from the bedroom, she ran upstairs to see what it was. Her mouth dropped open when she saw her sister, Lucy standing above the broken pieces of her glass doll with a vengeful smirk on her face.

                                            *                 *                  *

   Revenge is a circle. When you seek revenge, the other person would want to seek revenge back. You can break the circle by truly forgiving and forgetting. 


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