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The Man Who Achieved The Most - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Tommy. Today, was the most special day in little Tommy’s life. He was kneeing at the altar after a preacher had given an altar call. Tears where streaming down Tommy’s eyes. He recited those ever so precious words as the preacher led in the salvation prayer.
   Life kept getting better for Tommy. He now had a focus and was no longer subject to being lured into the company of fools, for Tommy was a good boy and because of understanding he enjoyed spending his time helping out in church or hanging out with Christian friends instead.
   When he became a teenager he was not rebellious. He wasn’t the kind that spent time in the company of that which would make him rebellious. So when other parents complained to Tommy’s parents about how their teenage kids where rebellious, Tommy parents would be seriously thanking God in their hearts because Tommy was not rebelling but only growing more responsible each day; as is the way God intended for all humans.
   Tommy kept reading more and he was smart enough to know to hang out with only the smart kids. Although everyone called them geeks Tommy was smart enough to know that when the Lost mock the Found, the Found shouldn’t get himself lost just to please the Lost.
    By the time Tommy graduated from high school he had already won numerous awards from academic competitions, recognition in the local newspaper and scholarships to 3 different schools.
   Tommy’s close friends were also doing very well because they loved reading books and their strong Christian anchor in good morals inspired them to never veer of the right track and into the way of the simpleton. However, Tommy was the most promising of all his friends. He was the most promising of all those who graduated the same time with him not just in his school alone but in the entire state.
    Tommy did even much better in college. When he graduated, the Dean of the University said that in all his years that he had never seen anybody like Tommy and that of all the students he had seen graduate in his life that Tommy stands out as the one most likely to achieve the most.
   What the Dean said turned out to be more than true. Over 50 years later when Tommy was on his death bed he had already invented things that were way ahead of its time. His achievements had molded his name in science text books, he had sat with presidents and on numerous occasions been called by them to solve their problems, he had been given tons of awards including the highest human award known to man. World renowned VIP’s often said that he was the greatest legendary icon for success throughout the entire century.
   Yes! Tommy had achieved the most.
   When Tommy took his last breath and stood in front of God. Tommy saw others he didn’t even know receiving rewards from God and God calling them good and faithful servants. Tommy smiled, he was about to receive his greatest award of all times. All other awards he had received where not eternal, as a matter of fact they remained on earth and he knew they probably would be auctioned off by now for some charity function or kept by his kids as priceless treasures in one of their many mansions. But this award he was about to receive was the top one. Matter of fact, it was the only one that really mattered.
   When God reached Tommy. Tommy smiled.
   God smiled back at Tommy and told him welcome then motioned for him to enter the gates of heaven without even bothering to dip his hand in his bag of awards to give Tommy an award.
   What? No award, no nothing. Not even a tinsy-bitsy little award?
   Even though Tommy did not say any of these things aloud. God read his thoughts like a very very open book.
   God spoke out to answer his thoughts. God told him that in his sight he has not achieved anything, that the only reason he is been allowed to enter the gates of heaven was because he was a Christian.
   God told Tommy that he should consider his entering into heaven as one who narrowly escapes through the fire. He almost didn’t make it. He spent all his time on earth hitting his own goals but never for one day stopped to ask what are God’s goals for him? He may be a success in the eyes of the world but he has never achieved a single thing in the eyes of God.
   God asked Tommy how many souls he had won?
   Tommy taught and taught and taught, and then that was when it hit him; he had never won a single soul to God. He had been living for himself and not living for God.
   “OK! What did you do with Jesus – What did you do with the gospel that you received?”, God asked.
   Tommy could only bow his head in shame. The answer was clear – a clear: NOTHING. He had done NOTHING with the gospel that he’d received.
   The gospel that he’d received might have been what created the right atmosphere for him to achieve all that he’d achieved while he was on earth, but he had never passed that gospel to anyone else. Now the only reason he would even be allowed to enter the gates of heaven is because he was a Christian in the first place. All the other things he had achieved on earth didn’t matter to God. Now Tommy could clearly see it wasn’t that important at all. The only thing that truly matters is saving souls.


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