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The Size Of The Heart Determines The Size Of The Pocket - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a farmer named Aidan. He was very poor and he had no wife or kids of his own. He was a luke warm Christian and always blamed his poverty on rich people not being charitable.
   Aidan worked very very hard every day but the mentality of the poor mixed with hard work produces even more poverty mixed with pain.
   Aidan went to church one day and when the pastor mounted the pulpit he said that the subject he would be preaching on is prosperity. Aidan hated sermons on prosperity. To him all they were were a plot to get people to put more money in the offering basket.
   Aidan wanted to stand up and leave the church but he was afraid that people would notice and read his action as publicly insulting the pastor therefore Aidan decided to stay. One crazy sermon wasn’t going to kill him.
   As expected, the sermon was about the principle of reciprocity but the pastor spoke about sowing and reaping in a way that Aidan had never heard before. One particular sentence struck him. It was, “You’ve tried all your life to get out of poverty your way and it hasn’t worked so why don’t you try it God’s way for a while and you would see if it works or not.”
   Aidan being a lukewarm Christian wasn’t sensitive to the Spirit but there was something about the sermon that day that made him wonder if he has been wrong all along.
   At the next church meeting Aidan came to church with a sacrificial amount of money to contribute to helping people in Africa who were in a greater pit of poverty than he was in. The amount of money he came with might be small compared to that of others but it sure was sacrificial to him.
   Aidan gave and expected what he gave to be multiplied unto him. He had his moments of doubt but he fought it, besides what did he have to lose? He’d tried things his way – his way of avoiding giving out money and saving the little he had from his family business so he might have enough for tomorrow but yet he was still broke and always needed to work even harder whenever tomorrow came. He might as well try God’s way.
   As a matter of fact, even if he got nothing back in return, he could feel good about giving money to a good course.
   Miraculously, weeks later Aidan was paid a visit by the lawyer of an Uncle who was a billionaire. The lawyer came bearing good news and bad news.
   The bad news was that his Uncle had just died and was buried a few days ago.
   The good news was that his Uncle who also happened to be a multi - billionaire, who he had met only a few times when he was a little child; requested he be there for the reading of his will. He had died naturally and happily a few days ago.
   Aidan wasn’t happy about his Uncle’s death and he figured his presence at the reading of the will was mere triviality but he hoped he would inherit a little something he could sell and then use the money to replace some of his ancient farming tools.
   On the day of the reading of his Uncle’s will, Aidan was shocked to hear what he heard.
   The Lawyer said that, if he chose to become the legal guardian of his late Uncle’s 8 year old adopted daughter he would get a quarter of his Uncle’s wealth but if he didn’t he would still get a quarter of his Uncle’s wealth.
   A quarter of his Uncle’s wealth was so large that Aidan would never have to work another day in his life.
   Aidan thought of walking away with his quarter of the inheritance and leaving behind his Uncle’s daughter which would mean not having to spend a dime of it on the little girl, but he remembered what the pastor said and he realised that the fact that he was even mentioned in the will at all was because of his giving. It dawned on him right then that the life of the wise is a life of giving, so he decided to agree to become the little girl’s legal guardian.
   Surprisingly, the lawyer told Aidan that it was just a test that his Uncle had requested he carry out. And that if he (Aidan) agreed to take only a quarter of the inheritance and had not agreed to become the little girl’s legal guardian then he would have been given nothing at all because he would have proved that he is a wicked, selfish and ungenerous person. But now as he has agreed to become the little girl’s legal guardian he would get 70% of everything his Uncle owned while the other 30% would go to the little girl.
   Hence Aidan became a billionaire all because he listened to a sermon and chose to walk the path of generosity.


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