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The Throne Belongs To Whom It Belongs - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a beautiful princess named Sofia. Her beauty shone like the perfect rose but sadly her father, the King treated her as if she was just a fragile.
   You see, in those days, women weren’t viewed as the equals of men. Everyone believed they were beneath men. They were even forbidden to speak in the presence of men unless granted permission to do so which rarely ever happened.
   The king loved his daughter but at the end of the day she was still a woman. Her destiny was fixed. It was the destiny of every Princess in those days. She would be married to some rich Prince from another kingdom to ensure peace between the two kingdoms.
   Fortunately for Sofia, no Prince had shown up yet. Princess Sofia wanted more out of life than being the over pampered Princess. She had nothing against the pampering but it was the part about her having nothing significant to add to the world that bothered her.
   The King was glad that he also had a son. A son named Lex. He was much older than Sofia.
   If the King only had a daughter and no son, he might as well kiss his royal lineage goodbye because no one in the kingdom would want a female leader. The only problem the king had was that Prince Lex was immature of character. He acted like a spoilt little Prince although he had long passed the age of becoming a man.
   The King knew his son lacked everything it takes to be a good leader. He wasn’t brave. He wasn’t wise. He wasn’t loving. He never took anything seriously, especially the lessons of his royal tutors. In fact the king feared that the day he hands over power to his son, the kingdom would come crumbling down within the next three hours tops.
   The King also knew that his daughter was the complete opposite of her brother. She took things seriously, even more so the lessons of the royal tutors. She even used the royal library more than anyone else in the castle. She loved to read ahead of her tutor’s lessons. She was wise, and an incident in her childhood were she killed a snake in the royal garden proved she had bravery beyond her years. She even had strong Christian views like her late Mum.
   Sofia always watched the royal knights train while she sat by a window overlooking the training ground,  but no one knew that she was studying their training drills so that she could do those same drills herself in secret.
   In those days it was socially unacceptable for a woman to be involved in any form of serious physical training and truthfully the women themselves never even had the slightest urge to desire to be physically strong. They loved the concept of a man being there to protect them – A knight in shining armor being there to rescue them in time of danger.
   However the Princess begged to differ. She didn’t want to be the helpless damsel who would need a brave knight to save her in times of trouble. She wanted to have whatever that brave knight has that would make him prevail over danger.  And if doing the same training drills that the brave knights do would give it to her, so be it.
   Every once in a while the King would ponder of the fact that his daughter was more qualified to sit on the throne after him than his son was. But he dared not keep thinking in that direction. It went against everything he and everyone else at that time believed about women. It wasn’t a matter he could debate in his mind. The throne would have to go to his son no matter how unfit he is.
   One day, a dragon attacked the kingdom. It flew about breathing fire on people’s houses; sending people fleeing from their homes in fear and spreading great chaos all through the kingdom.
   The brave knights were sent for by the king to defeat the dragon. Under such circumstances it was customary for the Prince to go with them but the King knowing his son knew that if he let him go with them, there was an 80% chance he would never see his son again, so he did all he could to stop his son from leading the brave knights to slay the dragon. But the Prince was stubborn; he knew his Dad didn’t believe in him so he wanted to prove himself not just to his Dad but also to his people.
   The Prince led the Knights and they were all killed by the dragon.
   The King was troubled, all hope was lost. He was wise enough to know that there was no point in going to kill the dragon by himself because he would just end up dead.
   The King called together the royal elders to ask for suggestions for the entire kingdom was being set on fire as they spoke. They ended up deciding that as an incentive to make somebody rise up, that anyone who killed the dragon would be next in line for the throne as the Prince was dead and since the king had no male child there was no current heir to the throne.
   The beautiful Princess Sofia got the news of her brother’s death and wept for him. After crying, she went before the king and the people dressed as a knight, a sword in her hand and an official knight’s helmet covering her face. She offered to be sent to kill the dragon.
   The king didn’t recognize her. Nobody knew it was the Princess. They all taught it was just some guy who wants to be a knight but is related to one of the real knights that had just died, that would explain where he got the uniform from.
   Thus, the Princess who was cleverly disguised as a man was sent to fight the dragon.
   The Princess approached the dragon bravely riding on a stallion. When she got the dragon, she got down from the stallion and fought the dragon with great skill. She fought wisely like one with years of experience. The battle was tough but she was tough too. The people of the kingdom watched knowing that there is just a chance that his brave warrior would slay the dragon.
   Just then the Princess struck a deadly blow with her sword at the dragon, but the dragon quickly and slyly dodged her move and breathed a large burning ball of fire on her. Burning her. Sending her falling to the ground half dead.
   The dragon went to her to sniff for signs of life but it found none. All hope was lost for the people. Now they had no one to save them. They would all be destroyed by the dragon.
   The dragon flew away from the Princess’ body and continued breathing fire on the people and on buildings as it flew around the kingdom.
   Suddenly, the Princess’ fingers started to move. She wasn’t dead. She was only almost dead but still very much alive.
   The Princess sat up and a few people rushed to give her water to drink. She refused to take off her helmet and asked for a straw which she used to drink the water through one of the specially designed holes in the mouth region of her helmet, so no one would see her face and know that she is the Princess.
   The Princess then asked to be left alone. She then prayed to God for instruction.
   God reminded her of the story of David and Goliath.
   David won Goliath because he went against Goliath in the name of the lord. David knew that God was with him but God wasn’t with Goliath. David won that battle because of his faith in God being with him – nothing else!
   So Princess Sofia relied upon her faith in God and went against the dragon a second time. Goliath may be nothing compared to a fire breathing dragon but God is bigger than them both. In fact nothing is big enough to stand against God and defeat God so Sofia knew now that since God is with her, the dragon cannot defeat her. And truly, Princess Sofia was right. She slew the dragon.
   Everybody started rejoicing.
   The King and the royal elders had to keep their end of the bargain. They invited Princess Sofia who was still wearing her helmet to stand on the royal balcony before all the people so she could be presented with the royal crown for the crowned prince alone to wear.
   After Sofia had been given the royal crown, she took off her helmet and wore the royal crown. Everybody was dumbfounded that it was the Princess. Nobody could believe it. But what’s done is done. Princess Sofia even though she was a woman was next in line for her father’s throne.
   Not only had the kingdom been saved but a huge victory had been won for womankind that day. Thanks be to Jesus.


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