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The Tragedy At The Airport - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called Brazil there lived a little boy named Tommy. He was the only child of his parents. His father was a Pastor of wonderful church in Brazil, while his mother was the assistant Pastor.
   Tommy likes airplanes. His bedroom walls were filled with pictures of airplanes and other flying objects he had cut out from magazines, comic books, newspapers, cereal boxes, and a few of them were actually real wall posters that were meant to be used as wallposters.
   Little Tommy’s dream was to become a Pilot. He was always uncontrollably excited when it came to anything that has to do with flying.
   Today. Today, was a very special day, he was just as happy as he always is when its his birthday because today he will be escorting his father to the airport. Although he would have preferred for his Mum to come along, she would be tied up with preaching at a women’s conference. Anyway, that not with-standing, he’s still going to have a whole lot of fun. He was going to the airport how could anything go wrong? How could he not have fun?
   As Tommy’s Dad drove to the airport, he could bearly contain himself. Tommy felt waves of anxiety flow through him in a way he never thought was humanly possible.
   His Dad only smiled as he saw Tommy’s excitement, although Tommy’s excitement was more then he anticipated.
   Tommy’s Dad was going to pick up a world renowned minister of the gospel from Russia. A man who was truly a gift to the body of Christ and to the world at large.
   When Tommy walked into the airport with his Dad, the look Tommy had on his face was like that of a man who had wandered in the desert for days and was just given a large glass of cold water. Tommy spun around over and over again as he walked forward trying not to move too slow that it would agitate his Dad. Tommy Wowed! Everything he saw.
   When they finally settled and waiting for their visitor’s plane to land; there was an announcement made – a tragic announcement that put fear in the hearts of many in the airport and was sure to draw in TV camera news men and women by the droves.
   The announcer tried to best to avoid saying what had happened but at the same time say enough to let them know the seriousness of the situation and that talking it lightly might cost them their lives but also at the same time they should remain calm and all leave the airport quickly but in an orderly fashion.
   The announcers obfuscating made matters worse than it could ever have been made. Some interpreted it to mean that there was a bomb in the airport, some thought that terrorists were about to flood the airport, somewhere guessing that it was something far too horrible for the ears of any man and woman to hear that had happened. In spite of the fact that they didn’t exactly know what was going on and their ideas of what they were running from were different. It didn’t stop them from running anyway.
   Everyone was confused, even the airport staff where confused too, as a matter of fact they were even more confused than everybody else.
   Tommy’s Dad told him to stay close to him. For some reason he headed towards the hanger and only then did he fully understand what had been announced.
   He watched as a plane that was landing was clearly moving too fast and out of control. It was moving in the wrong direction. At that velocity, it would crash into the building he was in and all the innocent people who came to welcome their loved ones, where arriving to Brazil, those leaving Brazil, plus all the members of the airport staff in that very building would all be killed – Himself included. He realised he was about to be a part of a tragedy of extremely tragic proportions, as did the people around him who were just noticing the plane.
   Tommy’s Dad picked up Tommy and held him close to his chest. His breathing heavy. He then started to run in the opposite direction, away from the direction the plane would be certain to crash into first. Tommy’s Dad, a pastor, was actually moving faster than a character in an action movie. It’s fascinating how adrenaline brings out a side of us that even if our dreams fells sleep we still would have never seen it before.
   As Tommy’s Dad ran as though he was floating as he carried Tommy in his hands, he noticed Tommy was praying in tongues.  It was then he remembered one of his own sermons, “WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUCH, DON’T RUN AWAY, STAND AND PRAY.”
   However, in this case he decided to forget the “DON’T RUN AWAY” part and only remember the “PRAY” part.
   After a while of praying and running, Tommy’s Dad heard a loud explosion which made him dock under a near-by counter with super speed, while still clutching Tommy close to his chest.
   Everything seemed to have settled a bit after a while. All they had to worry about now where casualties, Tommy’s Dad thought. He lifted up his head and looked back – in the direction the plane had headed to crash in – the place with so many people.
   What he saw made his jaw hang wide open. But … But … But it … But … But it was right there. Tommy’s Dad cleaned his eyes out but what was in front of him didn’t change.
   “God has performed a miracle, Daddy,” Tommy said to his Dad.
   His Dad looked at him with eyes still full of shock and said, “He sure has Tommy. He sure has.”
   It was wonder. There were no casualties in front of them. The place where the plane was clearly heading for was just as it was before. Under normal circumstances the plane was supposed to crash through the glass airport doors leading to the hanger that was way out in front of him, but it hadn’t.
   Tommy and his Dad couldn’t even see the plane. Had it completely disappeared? It can’t be.
   Where was it?
   It was only as they moved closer, on closer examination did they discover along with the people in the part of the airport they were in that the plane had crashed some distance away from the building they were in – the plane had crashed were there were no people.
   The pilot must have obviously in his last feat of bravery re-directed the plane in the direction were there were no people. Now the only lives to worry about were the lives of those on the plane.
   It was still a sad thing and an atmosphere of sadness like a cloud that is slowly congealing; hovering in and around everyone in the airport.
   TV reporters interrupted the serenity and somewhat sacred poignancy of the moment as they rushed like a pack of mad dogs, with each dog struggling to be the first and only one to sink its teeth into the single juicy piece of meat that was thrown to them.
   Then Tommy’s Dad began to worry about the world renowned Pastor he had come to pick up. What if he was one of those in the plane that just crashed? That would be bad. His instincts told him it was so. Tommy’s Dad took out his handkerchief and began to wipe the tears from his eyes. Just then he felt a large, strong hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find himself staring into the face of the world renowned Russian Pastor he was mourning. Oh! What a joy it was to know that he was still alive. The world renowned Pastor had been on a totally different plane, in fact his plane had already landed safety and he was already inside the building when the announcement had been made.
   Although it was great that the world renowned Pastor was alive, it wasn’t entirely a joyous occasion considering all the people who had died in that plane.
   But the world renowned Russian Pastor awed Tommy, Tommy’s Dad, the news reporters, the airport staff as well as everybody else; when he walked to the crash site and like Jesus stood before the tomb of Lazarus and said Lazarus come forth, the world renowned Russian Pastor stood boldly and said, “I COMMAND YOU ALL TO COME FORTH, 100% HEALED AND 100% WHOLE, DEATH IS FAR FROM YOU TODAY, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.” And as Jesus said of those who believe in him, the world renowned Pastor raised them all from the dead.
   It became known to all that for a fact faith in God can turn any tragedy into a testimony.


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