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The Ultimate Prank - a short story by A.B.King

   Pranks had always been pulled on little Tommy and he has always been the laughing stock of kindergarten.
   One day, little Tommy told his Dad about all he had been going through in school. His Dad told him that he should pull a prank of mega proportions on the biggest, strongest and the most influential of the bullying pranksters and then they would fear him and leave him alone.
   Little Tommy set his sights on Max. He was going to pull some gargantuan prank on him that would be so ‘Oh-my-gush!’ That tales of it would be told for many generations to come.
   When little Tommy’s friend, Cassandra found out what he was planning to do, she told him he shouldn’t repay evil with evil, that that is not what Jesus would want us to do. She told him that by pulling pranks on them for pulling pranks in him, he would be turning into a bad person just so he could punish them for being bad people.
   Little Tommy told Cassandra that he’s just doing what his Dad said he should do. Besides, didn’t God say honour your father and your mother?
   Little Tommy asked Cassandra what she expected him to do. Does she expect him to keep getting bullied and pranked for the rest of his kindergarten school days?
   Cassandra told him that the truth is she didn’t know what course of action to propose to him to take but she knew his current course of action was wrong.
   Little Tommy smirked, shook his head, and then turned and walked away from Cassandra.
   Little Tommy continued with his plan and pulled a massive prank on Max. Truly, it was legendary but it also got him expelled and he became a greater laughing stock than he ever used to be.
   Little Tommy’s little heart was full of regret. Now he knew two things:
   First, the advice of a child can be worth more than the advice of a grown up if the child’s counsel is in consistency with God’s word and the adult’s is not.
   Secondly, even scripture could be misinterpreted and twisted to support selfish ways and desires of the heart.


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