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The Yeti & Lilly - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time a little girl named Lilly was stranded in the middle of no where with her Dad. They were the only survivors of the plane crash that put them in their current predicament.
   Lilly looked around her and saw that the knee high pile of snow she stood in expanded for miles and miles and miles, in every direction she looked in. She looked at her Dad and saw that he was badly wounded. It was a miracle that Lilly didn’t have as much as a scratch on her.
   Thankfully, Lilly was a precocious reader and had read a lot about First – Aid, although after she was through attending to her Dad with a First – Aid Kit she found inside the plane, it was clear that he was still in no condition to be moved. She had to look for help alone.
   First was the question of which way to go. North, South, East or West? She ended up deciding to go in the direction the nose of the plane was pointing.
   Lilly prayed as she walked on. Praying in tongues in a low calm voice and emboldening herself in the Holy Ghost.
   2 hours later while still praying she came across a sign post half covered in snow. She brushed off the snow with her glove covered right hand and it read: WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY.
   Lilly had heard stories of Death Valley. It was a horrific place. It was a no go place. Hundreds of reporters have gone there to investigate the strange things that were said to happen there, and none of them had ever returned.
   There was a Yeti there. A vicious ugly, mean, evil Yeti. They say it eats people.
   Lilly plopped to the floor as the last shred of hope escaped her with her sigh of depression. There was no use. She couldn’t go any further and she couldn’t go backwards. She might as well sit there and wait for death to carry her away. She should have never left her Dad’s side she thought, at least that way she would die beside her Dad – they would die side by side.
   Lilly started to blame God. Why did he let their plane crash? Why did he let all those people on the plane to die? Why didn’t he lead her in the right direction? Why did he lead her to Death valley? … of all the places in the world, why Death Valley?
   Lilly bent her head and started to cry. Suddenly, she felt the presence of the Holy Ghost as he began to speak to her. He made her that she was acting like the Jews when after God had brought them miraculously out of slavery in Egypt, had the nerve to doubt that God was able to save them when they were trapped between the red sea and the Egyptian army after Pharaoh changed his mind about letting God’s people go.
   The Holy Ghost told her that the Death Valley is the red sea in front of her. That she should proceed for the God that was with Moses when he parted the red sea is with her today but even better he is also in her because she has been baptised into the Holy Ghost. She is in Christ and Christ is in her. Greater is he that is in her than he that is in the world.
   The words of Holy Ghost stirred up faith in Lilly and she knew she could do it. She laid aside every rational contradictory thought for Christianity is a life FAITH, not a life based on RATIONAL THINKING.
   Lilly walked into Death Valley knowing that God was in her and with her. She was going to pass through it and keep moving until she gets to a village or something, where she would be able to get help back to her Dad.
   She spoke in tongues more badly than before and didn’t let the sounds of howling wolves and other animal sounds she had never heard before disturb her. She was bigger than them. She may be a little girl but he was within her was bigger than them.
   “GGGRRAHHH!!” The sound echoed loudly as a great big monster all white and all hairly jumped in front of her out of no where. It was the Yeti.
   Lilly didn’t even flinch.
   From the monster’s body language you could tell it was startled.
   The Yeti growled again, louder this time. But Lilly still didn’t move. She wasn’t seeing a greater big problem in front of her. She was seeing a small hairy creature in front of her that the one who is inside her created.
   Just like Peter had to keep his focus on Jesus and not be distracted by the boisterous winds when he was walking on water to meet Jesus. Lilly had to focus on the truth of God’s word that greater is he that is in her than he that is in her than he that is in the world, as she stood in front of the Yeti. She knew that if she lets her faith waver by being distracted by the logic of the world concerning her current situation which you against the word of God, she would end up sinking like Peter except in her case it wouldn’t be sinking. It would be changing the behaviour of the Yeti from abnormal to normal, and normal means it killing her.
   The Yeti soon got the message that growling would get it no where. It just stood there and stared at Lilly I awe.
   Lilly put her arms in her pockets to stand more calmly and more comfortably. She then felt a candy bar in her left baggie jean pocket. A Holy Ghost inspired idea popped into her mind.
   Lilly took out the candy bar, unwrapped it and then stretched out her hand to give it to the Yeti.
   The Yeti studied her a little longer. Then it slowly collected the candy from her out stretched hand. The Yeti smelled the candy as though he was analysing it based on the way it smelled. It seems it passed his analysis because he soon tossed it into his mouth.
   Lilly smiled and walked boldly in a friendly manner towards the Yeti.
   The murderous countenance on the Yeti’s face was gone. The Yeti moved back as Lilly approached.
   “You don’t have to be afraid,” Lilly said as she started her hand to touch the Yeti as she still moved towards it.
   As though the Yeti could understand her, it stood still and its eyes shut close the moment Lilly’s hand touched its hairy skin. They remained that way for seconds which seemed like a whole lot more time than that, then the Yeti opened its eyes after giving a low moaning sound and turned and disappeared into the fog.
   Lilly continued onwards and soon found herself in somewhere different – somewhere else, - somewhere that also seemed void of human life.
   After a few more minutes of walking, Lilly was attacked by a gang of robbers but the Yeti showed up from no where and chased them away.
   The Yeti must have been following her stealthy from a distance while she walked through Death Valley. God had turned the very thing that practically should have been her killer into her protector.
    Lilly later got to a village and called back home to give them information about what had happened and the state of her Dad.
   The people in the village where astonished that Lilly had passed through Death Valley and is alive. They were in awe that the Yeti didn’t kill Lilly.
   Lilly seized the opportunity to witness to the villagers. Thanks to her faith in God she won a lot of villagers to Christ and saved her Dad’s life.
   Of a truth, anything is possible to those that believe in Jesus Christ.


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