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Tom’s Appendectomy - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called New Jersey, there lived a 14 and a half year old boy named Tom. He was a good boy. He came from a rich and affluent family. He was the type of kid that people would hear about and say he has nothing to complain about. However, that wasn’t the case today because today Tom was going to have an appendectomy which means he was going to have a medical operation to have his appendix removed. Tom had had way too much junk food & tasty but unhealthy food in his few years on earth and now he was paying the price.
   Tom waved goodbye to his Mum and Dad as he was rolled into the O.R (Operating Room). Tom’s Mum quickly spoke out and told him that it’s a bad omen that he shouldn’t wave good bye to people before he enters an Operating Room cause it creates the feel that he’s saying goodbye forever. Tom’s Mum told him to say, “See you later” instead. So Tom said, “See you later” to his Mum and Dad just as the O.R doors shut closed.
   Tom had just finished praying a few seconds ago with his Mum, Dad and a few deacons from their church before the Doctor to come get him from his ward {a room with bed(s) in which a patient stays in in a hospital} for the operation. Now Tom was in the operating room the Doctor had given him an anesthesia so that Tom would be asleep during the entire operation.
   Tom’s Mum and Dad waited in the hospital’s waiting room and prayed there. They didn’t care if anyone was watching them, they just remained on their knees with their elbows resting against the sofas and their faces resting in their palms. Tom’s Mum and Dad stayed in that position and spoke in tongues not minding those around them until the operation was over and the Doctor came over to give them the News.
   The Doctor gave them Good News. The operation was a success and Tom was going to be OK.
   Weeks later Tom was back to his old self again. Since his appendix has already been removed Tom went back to eating all the unhealthy food that made him have to have the appendectomy in the first place. “After all,” he thought “what harm could it do?” All he had to do was to make sure he doesn’t get fat.
   Tom had always been a true Christian. He was raised with Christian principles, and when a famous healing evangelist came to their church to hold a 5 day camp meeting; Tom caught the fire. The camp meetings changed Tom’s live forever. After the camp meeting days where over Tom started listening to a lot of Sermon CDs by the evangelist.  Tom had asked his Mum to buy them for him during the camp meeting. Tom also started reading lots of books by famous healing ministers through out history. Soon, Tom started healing the sick too. His relationship with God kept getting stronger and anytime any of his classmates needed healing they would go to Tom for prayer.
   Tom’s parents were so proud of Tom. They gave God praise for his life.
   Sometimes Tom would think back about his experience in the hospital and he would say to himself that if only he knew God then the way he knows God now he wouldn’t have gone through all the fear of having the operation and having the operation itself. He would have prayed for himself and received healing.
   Tom one day met someone who was to have an appendectomy and Tom prayed for her and healed her. This excited Tom a lot because it was like the thing that almost killed him many months ago was now beneath him because of his relationship with and faith in Christ.
   Time past by and students in Tom’s school looked up to him and respected him a lot believing that he would be a great man of God someday.
   One day Tom and his classmates were out on a camping trip. It was late and they were all about to go to bed. Suddenly, Tom felt a sharp pain in his stomach. It sent Tom to the ground – the pain was severe. His classmates who were around him and have not entered their tents yet noticed him and rushed to his aid. They were surprised that whatever it was that was happening to the guy the go to, to pray for them when they need healing.
   Tom was embarrassed. He felt that it was disgraceful for someone like him to be sick, ill or have any pains whatsoever.
   Soon, everyone and the camp master where at Tom’s side figuring out how to help Tom. They were all in the middle of the woods. It was a camping trip. They were miles away from the road and only God knows how many miles away along the road the closest hospital would be.
   Everybody started to panic. Tom was in too much pain to even utter complete sentences let alone pray. Tom struggled and did his best to pray but the pain still persisted. Those around Tom prayed but everything seemed to remain the same. They began to pack things up and started headed for the road in less than a few minutes.
   They all finally got to a road and after 10 minutes of driving during which Tom could only moan in pain at the back of the van, they finally saw a pharmacy. They had hoped to find a hospital but a pharmacy would have to do, hopefully it would have what is needed.
   They got Tom into the pharmacy and the pharmacist got to work and started examining Tom.
   After the pharmacist finished examining, he told Tom that it was his appendix.
   Tom was shocked. Tom was like, “But I have no appendix!”
   The pharmacist was sure but he examined Tom again and proved it to him this time along with all the people he came with that it was his appendix.
   Tom was like, “How can this be?” He told the man that he has had his appendix removed so it cannot be his appendix.
   The pharmacist said that it was impossible for him to have had his appendix removed cause clearly it’s his swollen appendix that’s causing the pain now.
   Tom began to doubt the qualifications of the pharmacist but he knew that even though he didn’t want to believe it he felt exactly how he used to feel before he had the operation to remove the appendix.
    Tom put his hand again over the spot where the appendix is supposed to be and he pressed. “Aaaaaaagggghh!!!” he could feel the pain in his appendix. He had an appendix. How? After the operation that place felt hollow when he pressed it but now it had an organ there – he had an appendix.
   There was only one explanation: God must have miraculously replaced his appendix. The funny thing is that nobody knew that his appendix had been replaced until now. Even he himself didn’t know God had replaced his appendix. God must have healed him during the camp meeting but since he wasn’t expecting a miracle he didn’t know that he had received one. But sadly since he taught he had no appendix he taught he was free to eat all the junk food and tasty but unhealthy food that could give someone trouble with his or her appendix so he did.
   Now, Tom didn’t know what to do. The pharmacist said that he had to be taken to the hospital, all he could offer were some pain killers and the really bad news was that the nearest hospital from where they were was 150 miles away and he can’t be sure how well equipped or competent it is to help with Tom’s situation.
   Tom started to cry but then he remembered a sermon he heard in a tape his Mum had bought him. He heard a sentence from the sermon play in his head.
   The sentence was, “Why should you cry when you have the Holy Ghost.”
   That was it. That was what Tom needed. He had the Holy Ghost that’s whom a man or woman ever needs to live a life of ever increasing glory – a life where you only go upwards and forward only.
   Tom asked the Holy Ghost for what to do.
   The Holy Ghost told him a very powerful and profound thing. He told him that if God was able to replace the appendix that was taken out of his body, won’t it be easier for the same God to heal his new appendix?
   Of Course! That’s it. Tom’s eyes lit up like a bulb. He had the confidence now. He could feel his faith stand. Immediately, Tom laid hands on his own head and shouted, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS, THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME. I COMMAND YOU APPENDIX TO BE HEALED!!”
   Suddenly the pain stopped. Tom was healed.
   The pharmacist tested Tom again and could find nothing wrong with Tom. He tested again and again and still couldn’t find anything wrong with Tom.
   Tom told the pharmacist that he has been healed. Tom started singing praises to God right there in the pharmacy. Everyone joined Tom in the praises.
   Before they left the pharmacy, Tom led the pharmacist to Jesus Christ in a salvation prayer and also led him in a prayer to receive the Holy Ghost. The pharmacy was now a bible believing – tongue talking Christian.
   To God be the Glory.


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