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War Stole My Daddy - a short story by A.B.King

   War broke out amongst two great nations. There was so much uncertainty in the air and all troops were called upon to fight for their country. Amongst the troops was a soldier whose daughter’s name was Felicia. Today was a sad day for her, her Mum and her little baby brother as well. Saying goodbye was just too difficult for Felicia. She was afraid that if she said it, it would be her last time of saying it. Felicia may have only been a little girl but she understood what was really happening; her Daddy was going to war and he may never return.
   Her Dad kissed away the tears on her cheeks then waved Goodbye.
   With each passing day, Felicia missed her Dad. She was no more social and always lay down on her bed sick with fear. She felt a nagging feeling deep inside her that she would never see her Dad again.  She often thought about the good times they had together and hoped for those days to come again. The thing that drove her to almost commit suicide was the nightmares – those nightmares just won’t stop. Her Mom couldn’t do anything about it because she was even more hit by Dad’s departure than her daughter. Mum was barely holding herself together to even know what was going on with Felicia.
   Felicia’s suicide attempt failed however but she decided to try again – a different way this time.
   There is something about a little girl walking into a store and asking for poison that makes the store keeper know the little girl needs help. Thankfully the store keeper was a member of a good bible believing church and she was great with children so she was able to find out what was wrong from Felicia. She talked to Felicia in a way that credit can only be given to wisdom. And by the end of the day, Felicia not only changed her mind but had agreed to attend the store keeper’s church the next day.
   The next day, she was in church. She was deeply touched by the sermon and she answered the altar call. That was how Felicia became a Christian. Her new found faith helped her deal with all the issues and the pain from having war steal her father away from her. She could now focus on other things and live a more normal life.
   Years later the war ended. Felicia’s Dad returned home. She was so happy he was alive. Felicia’s Mum and Felicia’s little brother who was now five years old rejoiced to see Dad return.
Dad had not seen his son since he was a baby and his son had no recollection of him at all, he had only see pictures but now he had the opportunity to hold – to touch – to talk to the Dad that war had stolen away from him.
   Felicia also was a lot different now. She was just a little girl the last time her Dad had seen her, but now she was a teenager. More importantly, she was a Christian - The only Christian in the family.She was the only one in the family who knew what the insides of the four walls of a church looked like.
   They threw a welcome back party for Dad and lots and lots of fun was had by all.
   The next day, strange changes were seen in Dad. It may have been a long time since they’d seen Dad but still they could feel something different – they could see that he wasn’t the same man. He was now rude – now inconsiderate.
As time passed by they noticed he was now a chain smoker, an incorrigible drinker and someone spent too much of his time watching action movies.
   Like if things couldn’t get any worse; Dad had violent nightmares almost every night.
   Mum was worried, she talked to her friends about it but they told her that it was normal that he’s just back from war; that it’ ill pass. He’ ill return to the same old man she loved and married soon enough.
   Then one day Dad beats Mum up. No one else was in the house and Mum didn’t tell anybody so nobody ever knew.
   Soon Dad started beating up Mum frequently. She kept hiding her bruises and suffering in silence. She didn’t tell anybody. She just kept hoping that he would change. She kept hoping that he would change back into the man she once knew.
   Then one day Dad beat up Felicia. That was the last straw. Mum couldn’t take that. Mum couldn’t stand seeing her husband beat up her daughter so Mum called the cops.
   The military got involved when Mum told it all; including the times he had been abusing her that nobody knew.
   The military took Dad away and put him on some psychological treatment program for traumatized war veterans.
   After months of treatments the doctors diagnosedDad as now normal allowed him to go back home. He was to report back to them twice every week for checkups.
   Everything was fine at home with Dad back. With each passing day he was beginning to be more of the man he once was before the war. Then, out of the blue he cracked and just started breaking everything in the house.
   Mum rushed for the telephone but Dad rushes to her and starts beating her up before she could even reach the phone.
   Felicia heard all the commotion and rushed to help her Mum. She threw a stool at her Dad which gave Mum enough time to get away from him.
   Both Mum and Felicia ran into the basement and locked themselves up there. Dad rushed to the basement door and started banging on it. Thankfully, the door was built with security in mind and was strong enough to withstand the strength of 10 war veterans.
   Dad got his own 5 year old son and threatened to kill him if they don’t come out of the basement.
   Mum quickly rushed to open the door but Felicia stopped her. She knew that if Mum opened the door it would be three dead bodies not one.
   Felicia felt the Holy Spirit minister to her and immediately; she started praying in other tongues. Soon she drowns out the screams of her Dad from her head and is totally engulfed and focused in her praying.
   Felicia goes on for what seems like hours with her praying. Her Mum just stands there confused about whatever Felicia was doing but was too scared of everything to even think, speak, or even move.
Suddenly, a strong forge of faith wells up and overflows in Felicia. Words from sermons she had heard from the youth Pastor of her church raced through her head. The anointing of God was now so strong that she could literally feel it.
   Felicia opened the door. Her father rushed towards her but Felicia was not afraid. She stretched her hand towards her father and shouted, “I COMMAND THAT DEMON TO COME OUT OF YOU NOW, IN JESUS NAME.”
   Immediately, her Dad fell to the ground and started acting out. He was rolling and twitching on the floor like he was having a serious case of the seizure.
   Felicia stayed in the spirit and prayed in other tongues as her hand remained outstretched over her father who was on the ground.
   Suddenly, her Dad started throwing up as he shook violently on the ground.
   Then … He stopped. He stopped shaking. The look in his eyes where different now. They were kind. There was something loving about them. He asked, “Did I hurt you?”
   The Holy Spirit ministered to Felicia and told her that everything was over now. Her Dad was completely healed - the Dad that war stole has been returned to her.
   Her Dad now started apologizing over and over again for how he behaved. Everyone could see that there was a change – a big one.
   Fear now started leaving Mom. She could see the change too. We also couldn’t deny the fact that whatever her daughter did has everything to do with it. Minutes later after the atmosphere had severely changed and it felt much more safer, she asked her daughter about what she did.
   Felicia used the curiosity about tongues as an opportunity to witness to her entire family about Jesus. She led her entire family to Christ and the very next church meeting day they were there together as one family. They later gave their testimony and the church rejoiced with them.
   There never was a violent outburst again from Dad ever again. Rather he even kept getting better and better than the nice man he was before he left for war because the more he read the bible the more Christ-like he became. As it is written, the more we behold the glory the more we are transformed in the image that we see. ()

Closing Note: War has an evil spirit behind it. Witnessing so many people die takes a toll on you and having to kill people yourself even though it is for your country is still evil. Nothing can justify taking another human life, whether it is just an abortion or done for your country: Killing is Killing. And killing leaves you open for demon possession. That is the truth whether you like it or not.
That is one of the reasons why we must always support peace and pray for peace amongst all nations. Value all human life no matter whose life it is. I understand that in times of war if nobody fights entire nations would be easily annihilated, even in the Old Testament days God aided his people in wars so they won’t be entirely wiped out. But still it wasn’t his perfect will for them. Remember that in spite of the fact that God helped David kill Goliath and fight other wars; God still refused to let David build him a temple because his hands had shed blood. Killing has its spiritual ramifications.
Going to war for your country is not God’s best. But if the worst comes to the worst and you really really have to; Ok!. But when you get back – If you get back; purify yourself with the word of God and with prayer also ask God for forgiveness for all the lives you took. It’s very important that you do so.


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