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Who Stole Suzie’s Crayons? - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time, in a land far far away in a land much like our own but a little more mysterious in nature, there lived a little girl named Suzie. She was given a most extraordinary gift. It was a set of crayons - a set of crayons given to her by God himself on her seventh birthday.
   The set of crayons looked like every other set of crayons but like most things in life, it is not its outward appearance that mattered but what was in it. What it had the ability to do. What power was inside it. 
   The Green crayon had the ability to turn anything you paint on into money. Even if were to rub it over the surface of water, it would cause a reaction on a molecular level that would start changing the nature of the liquid until it transforms into solid then transforms into money – paper money.
   The yellow crayon had the ability to change anything its tip rubs against into gold. It was the perfect dream of any lazy man. If you had that one stick of crayon, you would never have to work another day in your life. You can be happily lazy for the rest of your life, until laziness finally kills you.
   The best of all was the red crayon. What could be better than the previous colours of crayons which could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams? What could be much better than money, you may ask.
   Well, what about something that gives you a power that only God should have? The power to give LIFE.
   The red crayon had the ability to give life to anything it rubbed, from a dead squirrel to a dead relative, and everything else in between. It even had the ability to transgress the lines of what should even have life. If you were to rub it on a chalkboard for instance, it would animate it – give it life, but it would look like you brought something from the cartoon word into the real world – a thinking, talking, seeing chalkboard with cartoony eyes, hands and legs attached to it.
   What about the remaining colours in the crayons set? You see that was a mystery. Nobody knew what they could do. But knowing God, they obviously weren’t ordinary. For nothing made by God is ordinary, especially when they seem to be so. You see, God is a mysterious God. He loves to be mysterious. He enjoys being mysterious. Being mysterious gives him great pleasure.
   However, there was one big problem. The green, yellow and red crayon where gone – they had been stolen in Suzie’s classroom.
   Whoever stole them saw no use for the other colours in the crayon set, because they were left behind in the crayon case.   
   God had only given her the crayon set two weeks ago. Now three were gone.
   There were only four people who could have stolen it. Only four people in her classroom knew how special those crayons were. On the outside her crayons looked like every other crayon.  Everybody in her class had crayons lots of them in fact. But for someone to target those three colours in her crayon set, they must know like she knows, what they are capable of, and only four people in her class knew that.
   The four that knew where Samantha, Irene, Amanda and Hannah.
   Suzie’s instincts told her that it was Irene. Irene hated her and made no effort to hide it. She was responsible for every prank ever pulled on Suzie and her hobby is making up lies about Suzie.
   Or it could be Amanda whose hobby is to lie even when it is necessary to do so. It’s almost as if the concept of telling the truth was scary to her. She was also very lazy and open spoke of how she dreamt she would stumble over a billion bucks so she would never have to work another day in her life. Amanda had a shady side too. The chances of her stealing something that is extremely valuable are quite large.
   But it could be Samantha, being Suzie’s best friend gives her the perfect cover. But then again she’s nice and if anything, has always been there for Suzie. If she is the one who stole it, it certainly doesn’t make any sense.
   Or it could be Hannah. The perfect girl that everybody deeply loves; even God. God pays her visits every night to tell her bed time stories. It had been prophesied long ago that she would be a blessing in their land far far away. It most certainly couldn’t be her. She was God’s personal friend.
   Suzie’s class teacher set out to find out who stole Suzie’s crayons.
   A wad of bank notes and a few pieces of gold was found in Amanda’s school bag. Amanda was definitely the culprit.
   She still denied she was the one who stole the crayons and claimed that she didn’t know anything about the money and the gold. Typical. She had always been a liar.
   She was taking to the Principal‘s office for further questioning while the other students remained in the class room.
   Later that day, while writing, Hannah made a mistake on her sheer of paper. Suzie was closest to her so she asked Suzie for her eraser. Suzie’s eraser had been used up the previous day and she forgot to get a new one, so Suzie told her she had none. However, Hannah was that kind of girl that every other girl wants to be and always impress and Suzie didn’t want to not to impress especially when the coolest kid in all the land had asked her for something. So Suzie improvised, “You can use my white crayons are white-out to cover the error marks on your sheet of paper.”
   “Okay, Thanks” Hannah responded. It wasn’t Hannah’s 1st choice but Hannah humbly accepted. She took the white crayon from Suzie and started to rub it on the error mark on the sheet of paper.
   To everyone’s amazement, Hannah was writing a confession. She was the one who stole the crayon and framed Amanda. Nobody would ever believe Amanda if she says she’s framed because Amanda is used to lying and deceiving everybody, and everybody knows it. That made Amanda the perfect candidate to frame.
   The white crayon which was among the other crayons in the crayon set that no one knew the value yet, had the power to make whoever robbed it against any surface to uncontrollably write the truth on that surface.
   The white crayon had made Hannah write the truth about what had happened.
   When asked why she did it. Hannah said she was jealous of the gift God gave Suzie. Sure God spent more time with her than with anybody else, but God had never given her a thousand buck before, let alone what he gave Suzie.
   It’s a shame that Hannah valued money more than being in the presence of God.
   Everyone who heard about what happened walked away learning three things:
   First, don’t tell lies. You could build and get stuck to a reputation for it. Then, the day you really need people to believe what you are saying is the truth, they would think you are lying. The more you try to convince them that you aren’t lying, the more they think you are lying.
   It was Amanda’s reputation for lying amongst other things, that made it so easy for her to be framed.
   Secondly, don’t be envious of what God has blessed someone else with even if it seemed a million times bigger and better than what he’s blessed you with still don’t be jealous. Rejoice and be glad for your own blessing, no matter how little it may be.
   Thirdly, spending time in God’s presence is more valuable than all the money in the world.
                                                              THE END.

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