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With A Dad Like Mine Who Needs Good Grades? - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called Hollywood, there lived a boy named Tommy. Tommy’s Dad was an extremely wealthy A – list Celeb. He often playfully told Tommy that he would never have to work another day in his life. Jokes apart, Tommy’s Dad had made enough money that would last for six generations.
   Tommy lived a life of buying all the things he wanted plus the things it wasn’t necessary for him to want. He kept bragging to his equally rich friends in his equally rich school (whenever he heard them talking about what jobs they would like to do when they grow up), that his Dad says he would never have to work at any job when he grows up.
   After one of his, ‘I would never have to work when I grow up’ speeches. A girl in his class who happened to be the leader of the Bible study club told Tommy that just because his Dad has made so much money, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t make any money of his own. She explained that money made legally is an expression of how one is being valuable to humanity because money is only made legally when someone values a service you render them or a product you either made or contributed in making. So, that means that anyone who isn’t making  money isn’t contributing anything to humanity, therefore anyone who doesn’t plan to make money in their future (even though they have a lot of money in their bank account) is planning to have a future where he/she wouldn’t be contributing anything to humanity.
   That is why old people and retirees die so quickly. They believe they are old and their days of working are over – they have worked enough in their lifetime and now it’s time for them to spend the rest of their lives relaxing – not working. They spend the money they spent their lives working for on a house on some fancy Island and call it the paradise of retirement. They don’t know that what they are actually doing is retiring from contributing to humanity – retiring from their God given purpose – telling God that there isn’t any reason anymore for them to remain on planet earth.
   If we don’t give anything to the world, what we have (no matter how little it is) would be taken from us. Men and women were built by God to be givers otherwise we deteriorate. Kinda like someone who doesn’t use their legs for anything for months the muscles of the legs start to deteriorate to the point where even if they now want  to use their legs for something, they won’t be able to because the muscles in their legs have shrunk and weakened greatly.
   It is the same way with someone who stops giving to humanity by working. That person’s humanity (life) is gradually taken from them until that person is no more.
   That is why wise men and women never retire.  Retiring or moving into an old people’s home basically means waiting for death.
   Rather than retire, they should have simply moved into a different profession that they like and won’t demand much from them physically (eg. Writing, hosting a web video show, giving seminars at conferences or advice in their area of expertise daily on their website, etc) or they could take up a hobby to do every day – something that is worth waking up in morning for (eg. Volunteering for a charity organisation. There certainly a lot of volunteer work around. By signing up; that person would be contributing to humanity).
   Sadly, no amount of wise words the head of the Bible study club had for Jimmy could help him. Jimmy regarded everything she said as foolishness. She’s just some foolish Christian girl who thinks she’s better than everybody else and believes everyone should live their life in the way she wants them to and not the way they think is best. Christians, huh! Go figure. They are always telling everyone how to live their lives.
   The heard of the Bible club was sad that Jimmy saw things that way. She left Jimmy alone.
   Jimmy’s grade got worse and even though everyone cautioned him he replied, “With a Dad like mine who needs good grades?”
   His grades got so bad that he was kicked out of school.
   Years later Jimmy’s Dad was involved in a fraudulent business deal. The Government froze all the accounts of Jimmy’s Dad and seized all his belongings for his involvement in the fraudulent business deal thus making him broke and also ruining his reputation. The fact that Jimmy’s Dad was an A – List celebrity only made matters worse.
   When Jimmy’s classmates were all grown up and graduating from college to go get the jobs they’ve always wanted. Jimmy and his Dad were forced to live on the streets.
   Oh! If only Jimmy listened to the head of the Bible study club when he was in kindergarten he wouldn’t be a dirty, smelly and hungry homeless person today.


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