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You Become The Music - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called New York there lived a rambunctious little boy named Jimmy.
   Jimmy loved secular Rap Music with his life. He just found out about Rap Music a few weeks ago but yet he spoke like he’s been into Rap Music for like 50 years already even though he was barely 12 years old.
   Jimmy’s classmate Ronnie, who was also in the same Sunday School class he was in, told Jimmy to chill, that he’s taking the secular Rap Music thing too far. She told him to listen to gospel Rap Music instead and even at that the world does not revolve around Rap Music. If he keeps devoting all his time to Rap Music, he would miss out on everything else the world has to offer and he would not be able to function adequately in the world, seeing that he would be only knowledgeable about one field and one perspective of life.
   Jimmy pushed her words aside saying that she is the one who is ignorant, and that hip hop is a lot more than the music - she’s greatly underestimating what hip hop is. Hip hop is everything.  Hip Hop is all he needs, and that’s something she just can’t understand.
   Ronnie went to the extent of buying Jimmy gospel Rap Music CDs but little Jimmy refused them and called it wack. He said that rapping about love and Jesus wasn’t Gangsta so it wasn’t hip hop and it was actually an insult to what hip hop truly is.
   Jimmy soon started cursing a lot like a lot of hip hop superstars do. He soon started getting into trouble with the teachers and the principal in his kindergarten.
   He actually started loving getting into trouble and he loved it because it made him look like a tough bad boy, and being a tough bad boy was totally hip hop.
   Jimmy soon got suspended for cursing out a teacher in what appeared to be 5 minutes of an unending follow of the most abusive and totally inappropriate words known to man.
   His suspension made him the first kid to ever be suspended in the history of the kindergarten he attended. Normally, punishment ended with detention but suspension never got to be bestowed on anybody. Until now – Until Jimmy.
   Ronnie visited Jimmy at home to have a long talk with him. She asked him if he can’t see that his life is heading downhill because of his love for secular hip hop. That listening to the kind of music that glorifies violence, rebellion, hooliganism and a bunch of other atrocities too numerous to mention is the reason his life is now the way it is.
   Jimmy told Ronnie that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and he thinks it’s best that they put an end to their friendship. He would stop talking to her and she shouldn’t talk to him either. He said that as far as he was concerned she was a geek and he doesn’t want to be even seen talking to her: a simple church girl.
So that day the friendship between Jimmy and Ronnie ended - Jimmy’s friendship with the last responsible person that cared about him ended.
   Jimmy continued getting bad and more gangster hip hop as time went on.
   By the time he was in high school he was already a notorious gang member.
   Years later Jimmy was in jail serving a 5 year sentence because of something he did.
   He was listening to a gangsta rap song over a warden’s radio and it was then he discovered it was like listening to his own biography. His true life story was very similar to the character the rapper in the song spoke about. He had become the music he always listened too. He ended up in jail like the character in the song, and has done most of the things that character did too. Although as a kid he knew that hip hop influenced him. He only saw hip hop as something that influenced him to be cool. To him bad was cool, and good was uncool. He couldn’t see bad for what it really was: BAD! But now with him locked up in jail he began to see that bad was bad, bad was wrong. Secular hip hop hadn’t been making him cool, it had only been making him bad. Now he was locked up in a place bad people get locked up.
   Jimmy put his head down and begged God for forgiveness - he renewed the relationship with God he lost when he was a child. He was not going to listen to hip hop anymore.


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