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A Giant Cobra Attacks Politicians & Supporters At A Political Rally In Machakos, Kenya - as told by A.B.King

    No one knows where the snake came from but it was seen just in time and politicians and their supporters had to climb tables or run for their lives. 
    The residents of the area (the politicians came to woo over) who are accustomed to dealing with snakes later killed the snake and burnt its carcass.
     Theyby saving the Politicans who came to give them reasons to vote for them.
     It would seem that it didn't cross their minds to at least push for a little more investigation to be made about where the snake came from.
   Did a human plant it or is it one of those things that happen in an African village with a great population of snakes.  
    So far Foul Play from an opposing political party is not expected.

How Can I Make Money From This:

    By understanding that this means that there is great need, therefore great demand, and therefore great money to be made from Pharmaceutical  Companies who manufacture or distribute Anti - Venom syrums. 
     I would suggest investing in the top most company that distributes the antidote to African countries like Kenya than investing in a company that just manufactures the antidote.
     Pharmaceutical Distributors deal with a large range of manufacturers not just one company. And you would be investing in the company's already established distribution network unlike investing in a manufacturer which means investing in a company's ability to always innovate (which costs money because it means research) and create the most effective and affordable product (drug) on the market.
   A distributor does not need to spend that money on innovation.
    This News Story also means there is also great opportunity for Pesticide & Wild Life Control And Management in Kenya.
      There is Fear of abrupt animal attacks just out of the blue.
    Your companies product could be selling them security from the fear of out of the blue wild life attacks by selling them products or services that contain, control, or kill these Wild Life killers.
    And don't worry, they have money. Anywhere there are people; there is money.
   Besides, they have lands don't they. Which they value their children's lives less than. So you can exchange an antidote for a reasonable portion of land in return.   
    You can sell the land to a Foreign Constriction Company later for millions or start any number of companies on that land and employ the people who sold it to you to work for you.
    So now you've given them employment. You're A Hero. 

   Always see the money behind the story. Think like A.B.King. See what others aren't trained to see. 

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