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Facebook's 3 Billion Over 10 Years Charity Initiative Is Basically Like Investing 3 Billion In A Health Sector Focused Hedge Fund. There's Nothing Charitable About It - by A.B.King

    It's amazing how intelligence is basically getting extinct in this generation with each passing day.
    A decision to invest note the word "invest" , in the health sector over a period of 10 years can hardly be described as charity.

What Disqualifies It From Being Called Charity?:
    First of all, it is an investment; that means he is going to buy shares in start-ups and already existing businesses that cater to the health industry, and as an owner he has only expanded his wealth and empire. He & his family would now be reaping profits forever and ever and ever from all the health companies he now partly or wholly owns.
    What is charitable about that?
    It's just business. Good business.
   Everyone on Wall Street who buys stocks in pharmaceutical companies to make a profit are basically doing the same thing everyday (every single day) and with even more money within a day than Mr. Zuckerberg plans to spend within a 10 Year period.

The Fact That There Is A Cure Doesn't Mean That Everybody Would Have It:
    There are currently cures for thousands of diseases that people are dying of in Africa and even all across America.
   If the cure for what ails them exists, why isn't the cure helping them?
    There are still millions of people dying of malaria today. Doesn't the cure for malaria exist.

   So you see, even the premise of what Mr & Mrs Zuckerberg is trying to sell that world to look like some kind of saviors of a sort is flawed.

    Are those future companies of his going to give away free drugs and medical care forever and ever and ever?
     Are the Nurses & Doctors going to work for free?

The Zuckerberg's Think That Money Can Solve Anything:
   Just throw a little money at diseases and it would go away.
    Throw money at anything and anything you want to happen would happen.
   Just throw a little money at the moon and it would turn into the sun, and when you want rain to fall just throw a little money to the sky.

   Throw a little money at diseases and all the diseases in the world would go away.

    Oh! What a philosophy.
    Oh! What a pity.

It Is Scientifically Impossible To Get Rid Of All The Diseases In The World:
   Does Mr. Zuckerberg know that diseases evolve?
    Does he know that new diseases that never existed before pop up at unpredictable intervals in the timeline of mankind ever since the beginning of time?
    Does Mr. Zuckerberg know that HIV Aids didn't exist in the days that Jesus walked the earth, but they exist today?
    Does Mr. Zuckerberg know that perfectly legitimate animals and living organisms naturally carry within them what would be a disease to a human? Is Mr. Zuckerberg doing to go into the jungle and kill all these animals and even micro-organisms who although disease carrying help in other ways to compete and balance the eco system?

    So you see it's not only scientifically impossible to get rid of all diseases but it also ecologically dangerous to try to do so.
     It may sound like a noble idea, but only when one neglects to think scientifically or practically.

Has Mr. Zuckerberg Been Fooled Or Is He Trying To Fool The World?:
    I would like to believe Mr. Zuckerberg lacks the necessarily intellectual capacity to know that there is no charitable merit to what he is doing.
    If the whole world is dumb enough to think that "Charity" and "Investing" are the same thing, then maybe Mr & Mrs Zuckerberg may be counted among the number.

    We live in a strange world where foolishness has taken greater strides than common sense has ever attempted.

     It is weird to think that Mr & Mrs Zuckerberg can't see that they are not giving to charity but are expanding the number of businesses they own, a foolish world actually thinks it's charity because Mr. Zuckerberg and the main stream media say that it is.

      I suppose it was also charity when Mr. Zuckerberg founded Facebook.

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