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How To Get Out Of Depression - Motivation & Inspiration - by Alfred

Psalm 119:130 KJV
The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.

      I've never been depressed in my life.
     Thankfully, I found out pretty early what the Repellant Of Depression is before I ever ran into a situation where Depression might have been a possibility.
      Others who had faced less; certainly fell into depression.
      I however had found out how to be immune to depression.
      So.. Ha! Ha! It's too late for me to know what depression feels like.
      In fact, I found out how to change circumstances and control events too some years later so there isn't any future opportunity to test out my immunity to depression again.

       Anyway, if you are depressed or want to be immune from depression; what you need is LIGHT.

      Depression is an offspring of prolonged darkness.

      Want to get rid of depression? Introduce LIGHT.
      The above scripture tells us the entrance of God's Word brings light.
       You need the RHEMA OF GOD.

       What is Rhema?

       Rhema is what God is personally saying to you now.

       That's what you need if you are depressed. You need to hear God's voice. You need to hear what God is saying to you now at this moment.
       God's Rhema would bring light into that situation. It would bring light into your heart. It would drive out fear. It would drive out hopelessness. It would drive out the darkness.
       God's Personal Word for you would bring clarity to your mind if you are in such a situation.
       You cannot remain depressed when God speaks to you.
       Imagine if you where going through Hell & Hot Water and you felt like throwing in the towel, but just then you heard God's Voice speaking to you and he said, "Cheer Up, I'm with you. Everything would be Ok!"
        Common, imagine that. Would you still feel depressed if you believed and where sure that God said that to you? Of cause not. Depression would disappear.
        Ok! so how would you hear what God is saying to you specifically at that moment you are depressed or a series of negative events unfold themselves in your life and their is a possibility that you would be depressed in the future?
       Simple! If you don't hear God's Voice speaking to you in your heart at the moment giving you a word of instruction, direction, or comfort; then open up your Bible.
       You can get Rhema from Logos.
       Logos is the written word.
      When you look into the Bible, what you are looking at is the Logos of God.
       Have you ever been in church and you felt that the Preacher was talking to you?
       Yes, Right?
       Let me tell you what was happening.
        It was the Logos of God becoming Rhema.
        As the Preacher was preaching from the Logos, the Holy Spirit started translating the Logos into a personal word to you, therefore you felt like the Preacher was preaching to you.
      You can get Rhema from Logos.
      Anytime you begin to feel down, way before there is even a possibility of it going any further, get to the Word if you don't hear God's directly speaking to you at that time. Open up your Bible or listen to a sermon.
      If you are a Christian and you have a mobile device, it shouldn't only not be lacking in gospel music but it also shouldn't be lacking in sermons too.
     Get sermons among your collection that lift you up and listen to those ones.
      Give your heart wholly to the Word as you listen and sooner than later any traces of depression or possibility of an impending molecule of depression showing up would disappear as you let the entrance of the Rhema of God into your heart bring in light.

      A second thing to note and put into practice to eliminate any future possibility of Depression is that you should NEVER DWELL ON YOUR PROBLEMS.
       Some people like to throw Pity Parties. It may even start lite. It may just be a passing side comment of self pity, however that is dangerous. That is a seed. No matter how small a seed is it has the potential of becoming a tree.
         Focus on Christ in you. Focus on the fact that you are Born to Win if you are Born Again. Focus on the fact that no matter what comes against you, greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4: 4).
         If you focus on the problem instead of on Christ (who is the solution), the problem would become bigger than the solution (in your eyes) and fear would kick in bringing along hopelessness and creating darkness within your heart and mind. Then your heart would be ripe for depression.
        Don't allow that to happen. Don't mediate on your problems. Mediate on the Word.

        Lastly, DON'T SAY YOU ARE DEPRESSED no matter how you feel or how you feel you are about to feel.
       Eliminate "I feel depressed", from your vocabulary.
        Never personalize Depression.
        Saying you are Depressed when bad things happen would certainly bring Depression.
       Your words become flesh (Real).

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