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My Book Collection (Unreleased Song) - by Alfred

Verse One:
I Luv Ma, Luv Ma, ... Book Collection/
I read till I get a full comprehension/
Books are my closet friends, they stick to the end/
They never walk away, they are always there/
Money runs away and diamonds do too/
Without waving goodbye and blowing kisses to you/
They are not like the good friends I call books/
But they flow thru those who love 2 read books/
A bag of wisdom or a bag of gold/
Which would U choose, which one would grow/
Which can pull U out, the lowest low/
I love my A-B-C'z Yo!  Above Doe/
There are one of the reasons I always glow/
They're close to my soul & now U know/
Ignorance is my number one foe/
Let's push up our nose and tell Her to go/

Verse Two:
I Luv Ma, Luv Ma, ... Book Collection/
I love to make it grow mainly by the second/
I'm ever ready to, get more each second/
I love to open 'em and dilute every section/
Till every bit's in reach of recollection/
So I can incubate on 'em, during meditation/
They prove to be refreshing like medication/
The Best of 'em thrust me into fascination/
I live my life on the path of education/
It's the broad way to illumination/
Situating me in the best of situations/
Books are the pillars to hold up a nation/
Without which it falls into obliteration/
Cause destruction will break hesitation/
So spreading true knowledge is my obligation/
Yours too, so all troops report to Station/

Verse Three:
I Luv Ma, Luv Ma, ... Book Collection/
If you ain't got one, get one or get crossed off/
The realm of the great ones you should be a part of/
Tell reading allergies of yours to back off/
Reading is the way out of poverty/
What was that? You don't believe me???/
Cause you know a few folks who have cheese/
But don't even know how to spell the word 'Please'/
But got rich richly from illegal things/
They call readers geeks, saying they're all full of beans/
The thing is, their cheese would soon pack up and leave/
Cause cheese without knowledge is a worthless thing/
Ignorance of how to invest will quench their wealth/
Dirty money is always cursed it costs men well/
Your shame is beheld like a cow wearing a bell/
A Life without books is a Life lived in Hell/

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Our Boys In Blue - a poem by Alfred

Through Cold or Heat, Through Strength or Pain/
They Carry our Troubles, All Night, All Day/
They Risk their Future, To Keep us Safe/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
Without Police, No one would be Safe/
Bodies would paint the Street like Syria Today/
After the West played Chess and won the Game/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
Without Police in America, today/
Your Head and Your Body could be in different States/
One Part in Alabama, The Other part Up-State/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
We owe our Lives to Our Boys In Blue/
They carry the weight of the Red, White, and Blue/
And make it a Nation all Nations come to/
Have you said Thanks, To a Cop today?/

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Rather Than Hate The Rich, Become Rich - a poem by Alfred

Crucify the Rich, Burn them at the Stake/
Punish them for succeeding, where the rest of us has failed/
Their Remote controls the State like the TV channels they made/
Only 1 per cent are safe, 99 per cent are slaves/
Occupy the 1 per cent, Hello to Project Eliminate/
We don't need rich people in the world, walk 'em to their grave/
Like Marie Antoinette, and then We Would Eat Cake/
All Rich People are Evil, Greedy, and Really Vain/
Away with Rich people, Let us dig their graves/
They plan to dig ours, I can see it in their ways/
Who needs the Rich to build Banks, Skyscrapers, and Planes/
Who needs the Rich to build Rockets to take us to Outer Space/
Wealth can't create more jobs than poverty makes/
Poverty is what this country needs, take wealth away/
Destroy the Rich to make the world a better place/
I hate Rich people, even though I work all day/
I'm sure it's no so I could be Rich some day/
And if I get Rich I would give it all away/
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Sunday Morning Blues - a poem by Alfred

The Sun rays slowly crawls through my window/
It kisses my closed eyelids with Gusto/
My eyes roll open like a hand of Ludo/
I stretch Good Morning like I'm practising Judo/
I Growl like a Lion on a half empty stomach/
I praise the God who gave me Life with No Buts/
The Sunday Morning air beats all Pizza Huts/
Fancy trying to put Happiness in a Box/
I Decrease the weight of my cereal box/
Church Bells ring, Christianity Walks/
It's a day we all remember our Christian Walk/
Even radios remember and play Gospel Songs/
I hear no fighting or quarreling behind closed doors/
Yelp, it's Sunday alright, even when it pours/
There's something about Sundays that always oozes joy/
A Day of Rest, A Day of worshipping God/
Sunday Morning Blues stretches beyond the church/
Rejoice in the Lord whether or not you go to church/
But don't forsake Spiritual Growth, you'll grow in Joy/
And the Sunday Morning Blues won't leave Monday Morn'/

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