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How To Travel The World & Make Money Doing It - by A.B.King

   What would you do if you inherited a fortune and never had to work another day in your life?
    The answer to that question for many people is that, they would travel the world and see all the places they've always wanted to see.
     Travelling the world something so many dreams are made of... so many dreams that know they are going to be broken.

     BUT WAIT!!!

     I've got Good News for you. The Good News is your dream of travelling the world doesn't have to remain unrealistic dreams.
     I'm going to share with you how you can start Travelling The World Today And Making Money Doing It.
     We would explore completely different routes to take to pull it off.
     Each route is unique and stands on its own, you are not expected to or supposed to mix routes. Pick the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Create An AdSense Optimised YouTube Travel Channel Brand:

   This is probably the easiest and most fun - guaranteed route to follow. Especially if you are beneath 25 years old.


- Create an easy to remember and meaningful Brand Channel Name that can also work outside of YouTube. For instance, if you needed to sell shirts or Travel souvenirs; your brand name would also work on such products or services.

- You should have a brand logo.

- Your YouTube brand channel should have a consistent voice or feel people would come to expect and in time associate with your brand in their minds.

- Your YouTube channel header should show your upload schedule.

- You should categorize videos into playlist for a more neater & organised look that would help people find similar videos or other videos in a series quickly.

- You should make up a cool & short intro that would begin every video in a series.


- A Smart Phone With A Camera.

- A Good Hand Held Camera (Optional).

- A Spy Sunglasses With A Hidden Video Recorder Inside (You can buy one from Amazon or a Tech Store).

- A Laptop.

- A Good Video Editing Software On Your Laptop.


    This would mean your YouTube channel would have to generate enough adsense revenue to support the whole family.
     Note that this is possible but a lot would depend on your budgeting and economical skills while on the road, otherwise no amount of money you make on YouTube would ever be enough.


    Since you are taking the whole family along on your adventures you should let all your followers of the YouTube channel know to help with the authenticity and sincerity which people love and connect with.
     Let the kids share their experiences and their own perspectives on the channel too. They would be speaking to & bringing in a whole new audience that you couldn't reach or touch in a way that they can.
     You could even be the Director of a series based of whatever the series idea the come up with and dedicate a playlist within your channel to their series.
      In addition to them also being in the main videos of the channel, of cause.


      Since your kids are going to be travelling a lot, they won't be able to go to a consistent school like other kids. That is where homeschooling comes in.
      Or actually, I suppose I should say, online schooling (especially if the kids are in High School).
       Do your research online and find out the best Government certified schools that have a 100% online shopping program for kids in the grade or class your kid(s) are in.
       This also means that you also have to seriously consider the availability and accessibility of an internet connection anywhere you travel.


     If travelling the world with a bunch of kids is too much for you or at some point it gets that way, you can always arrange for your kids to be placed in a Private Boarding School somewhere.
      There are a lot of quality Private Boarding Schools around the world that is right for every kind of kid, no matter how anti-boarding school they think they are.
      Checkout the Boarding School yourself, ask a lot of questions. Then leave your kid there and travel the world.
       Whenever you kid or kids are on holiday, you can travel to their school, pick them up, and then travel to whatever country you are currently exploring with your wife.

The Travel Blog Route:

    This is another way to go. This is actually very popular way to go. However, I recommend using the YouTube route more because more people are prone to watch videos than to read in this current generation.


- A Good Smart Phone.


- Run adsense ads on your blog.

- Sign up for Amazon Affiliates and thereby have the ability to link to anything for sale on Amazon and make a commission anytime someone clicks that link and follows through with a sale.

- Sign up for Commission Junction and create affiliate partnerships with numerous companies all across America.

- Sign up for LinkShare and create even more affiliate partnerships with more big name companies across America and beyond (Wal-Mart included).

- Create an Online Store on your site with thousands of products and services related to the travel industry but all "Add To Cart" buttons should be replaced with "Buy Now" buttons that link to affiliate sites.

Get A Writing Job With A Travel or Hotel Related Multi-National Corporation:

    This is a part only a handful have taken so far because almost practically no one knows about it, even though the fruits of it is in our faces everyday.

      A lot of companies have blogs. Those blogs are written by people. Normal people like you and the people you meet everyday.
      People who are paid a steady salary to write blogs on behalf of the company.

      Now, if the company is related to the Travel Industry or is a multi-national corporation with a presence and interest in many different target markets around the world; they could pay their employed blogger to travel (especially if the blog is doing so well and bringing in a lot of customers). You as a blogger then become a valuable asset for the company and they would pay you to fly to any place you say you need to fly to, to keep up or increase the positive effect your blogging is having on their profit margin.

The Start Your Own Click Based Company Route:

    Is a route for the Entrepreneur and a route with a lot of different opportunities and diversity in what can be done to generate income to power a lifestyle of travelling around the world.

    A lot of companies now can be 100% web based almost in every industry.

    You can register and run a web based company in any industry of your choice and as long as you turn in a reasonable profit, that's money you can use to power your travelling around the world lifestyle.

     Note that it helps if your wife is also an active partner in the company also so you not only share the experiences of travelling around the world but also she understands and has a responsibility to be updated on the progress or state of the business that is making that Travel The World lifestyle possible.


      This article was inspired by an article on Forbes. Check it out at the following link:

      Shout Out To Celinne Da Costa. 

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